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Content and Contributors:

"Extreme Citizenship"

- Killian Doherty

"Resistant Architecture: Interview with Mario Botta"

- Gregorio Astengo

"Defiance and the Politics of Social Edification"

- David Adjaye

"Eavesdropping on the House of Architecture"

- Sophie Hamer

"Blow Your Own Trumpet"

- Julia Feix and Tarek Merlin (Feix & Merlin)

"Consumerist Comrades"

- Regner Ramos

"Contained Elegance: Interview with Carme Pinós"

- Marcela Aragüez

"The Chaos of Neglect"

- Amanda Palasik

"Beyond Control" and "Building a Name"

- Miranda Critchley

"Another Brick in the Wall"

- James Taylor-Foster

"The Dignity of Gestures"

- Francesca Romana dell' Aglio

"Don't Drown Belgrade!"

- Uros Pajovic´

"Ganesh Chaturthi"

- Rohan Varma

"Sanja Matsuri"

- Darren Deane

"Hope and Peace: Place Ville-Marie"

- Mark Pimlott

"Kitsch and the Crowd of Versailles"

- Brendan Cormier

"Reception Rooms"

- Hikaru Nissanke and Jon Lopez (OMMX)

"Rome: Tourist City"

- Evan Rawn

"Athens: The Definitive Travelogue"

- Mrinal S. Rammohan

"Beirut: Service? Hamra? Okay, Yalla!"

- Ryan Ross

"Dubai: Beyond the Glossy Architecture?"

- Maryam Mudhaffar

"The Paradox of City Walls"

- Laura Vaughan

"Hiroshima Mon Amour"

- Phuong-Tram Nguyen

"Sensitivity and Mechanism"

- Marianne Kodaira-Matthews

"Self-sufficient Olympics"

- Stefan Cristian Popa

"Architectural Writing at a Transversal Moment: Interview with Jane Rendell"

- Stylianos Giamarelos

"Sky is the Limit"

- Nnamdi Elleh

"The Power of Capitulation"

- William McMahon

"Defiance in"

- Eray Cayli

"Pugin Trains"

- PUG and Helen Kearney

Featured Photographers and Illustrators:

Thomas Adank

Gustav Almestål

Mikael Gregorsky

Arturo Soto

Samra Avdagic

Maël Fournier-Comte




  • Paperback: 130 pages + Pull-out poster
  • Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 0.7 cm
  • 48 Full-Colour Pages + Poster
  • 82 Monochrome Pages

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