‘Clairvoyance’ with a Bang!

There are two things any writer or editor looks forward to after working on a publication: the moment when they finally see their name in print and throwing a huge party in its honour. Friday the 27th of March marked a big day for the LOBBY team—and arguably a bigger night, as evidenced by my exasperated crawling into bed at 7am. And I know for a fact I wasn't the only one.

I was fully aware that the massive success of LOBBY's first launch party last September would be a hard one to top. The 'Un/Spectacle' party raised the bar and set the tone for subsequent social events that followed at the Bartlett School of Architecture, so when it came time to plan out the launching of our second issue and our new website, I wanted to make sure that no detail was overlooked and that we'd be able to jam-pack the venue: the ground floor of our temporary School building—a very cool warehouse space with an open plan and a huge rolling door that leads to a back patio, where we set up a kiosk with food.

Amidst a seemingly endless supply of beer, wine and vodka cocktails, we predicted that there was a possibility that our LOBBYists would be slightly peckish. So I searched far and wide—and by 'far and wide' I'm talking about Portobello Road—for a kiosk that would have food fit for a LOBBY launch. And so our newest ally, George Manousis, brought his business to our party, and in the blink of an eye, set up a tent, tables and fired up a grill. I swear it was like an act of magic almost as impressive as the way his chicken, pork and veggie skewers kept vanishing two-by-two.

Upon entering the space, visitors encountered two adjacent projections unveiling the new set of hatches/patterns in LOBBY No.2's design. In turn, these patterns lit up the space with the issue's new colours: bold blue, mint green, washed pink, glittering gold, neon orange and velvety purple.

The dance floor didn't let up, with our party-goers funking it up to the sounds of DJ Julien K-Boogie of the Loose Cannons, who provided a seamless, super-smooth transition from house music to commercial hits. One of my favourite parts of the evening was seeing a group of lively students doing the limbo, using our pink and blue (branding galore) glow sticks as props. Ah, necessity. Mother of invention.

Our guests were of course able to get their hands on the new issue for the very first time. Seeing readers' faces beaming while looking at the beautiful spreads designed by Studio 4, is always a nice way to get instant gratification. Of course, having read ArchDaily's raving review earlier that day didn't hurt our spirits one tiny bit.

The magazine was sold for £10 to the general audience, with a 50% discount offered to Bartlett School of Architecture students as a perk. For a biannual publication with an unbelievable scope and variety of dialogues, discussions and articles, as well as a meticulous attention to the beauty of the graphic design, 10 quids is a steal! But of course, you shouldn't take my word for it.

To view all of the event's pictures, visit our Flickr!

*To our sponsors Mecanoo, HLM Architects, Le Royal Hotels and Resorts, The Bartlett School of Architecture, PLP Architects and Factory Fifteen, thank you. Thank you to all of our readers and friendly faces who came to show support. I also want to thank Yoranda Kassanou, my superhero of an Editorial Assistant, who I suspect has the power of teleportation and omnipotence. And last but not least, the editors and I would like to thank Eleni Goule, Graeme Kennet, Michelle Lukins, Laura Cherry, Emer Girling, Faizah Nadeem, Penelope Haralambidou, Laura Allen, Michelle Bush and Indigo Rohrer for their availability, guidance, support and manpower, issue after issue and party after party.

Photography by Renz Andres |