Consequential Spaces

Consequential Spaces is a reactive installation that highlights the unintentional consequences brought about by the actions of the shipping industry. It draws inspiration from the impact of ship technology on the built environment, and how technological developments can redefine urban landscapes.

The installation highlights these consequential processes by means of a reactive projection on a series of sculpted surfaces, called islands. A digital ecology of dots is projected onto these islands, which the public can engage with by touching the isolated material surfaces. Like solidified ancient creatures, each island favours the growth of certain lines and hinders that of others. Through body tracking and vibration sensing, people unintentionally transfer geometric species from one surface to another by touching multiple surfaces. Each new digital species on a surface will compete with the native geometries for space, causing some to become extinct and others to flourish. This contributes to the creation of a ‘consequential space’ by the end of each performance, emerging from a combination of designed parameters and unintended actions.

Consequential Spaces was funded by Falmouth University and exhibited at Fascinate 2014 conference at Falmouth, UK.


If you want to know more about the authors' work, check out their websites:

William Bondin

Francois Mangion

Chryssa Varna

All images courtesy of Francois Mangion.