Editor's Pic Picks

I figured I'd start with the brand itself... If you hadn't noticed by now, green and orange are the colours of the season. I love these colours together, and I love how unlikely they are as a pair.

I'm not even going to lie about why I chose this picture. Who doesn't love a jawline and dimples? Tweet me. xoxoxoxoxo.

By the looks of it, this bearded man isn't really perusing through the magazine; he's reading it from cover to cover. I like his enthusiasm. Couldn't even wait to get home to read it.

These guys all look great lined up next to each other. They look happy. But that's probably because they're drinking beers two-by-two.

Jawline. Glossy red lipstick. Come-hither-bedroom-eyes. That's what's going on here.

LOBBY editorial team. I have to take my hats off to them.

I got 300 green and orange glow sticks for the party, because really: a) I love them ; b) they make everyone smile. Well, mostly everyone... for some reason there's always some person who thinks they're too good for light-up neon plastic sticks. It's like, get a grip, its a party.




The biggest obstacle of the night was moving. At one point, I tried to go out to the patio, and it was literally impossible. Absolutely ram-packed, and that's how we like it!

Does anyone know if these are the new first year students who've just started their undergrad at the Bartlett? I get the feeling they are, and I'm really glad they came. The age demographic at this party was all over the place, so it's exciting to see how many people embrace LOBBY. And alcohol.

Girl on left came with matching LOBBY-cover colours, and girl on right has the most radiant smile I've ever seen! I love this photo of them.

What I like about this photo is that the guy in front is using the glow stick as a sort of ball gag. It's kind of like fifty shades of naughty.

Initially I chose this photo because everyone looks like they're having a great time, and that's what we wanted. And then I couldn't think of anything clever to say and thought about discarding it, until I saw that girl on left is holding a bottle of wine... which she snuck in so she wouldn't have to spend money on our non-for-profit bar... and isn't ashamed of it. So I'm calling her out on it lol. Girl on left, you are on my list.

Stylish in leather and looking good.

I like that our photographer caught these two having a moment. Lots of great smiles, and one sleeping beauty. It's all very weird, but it's all working for me.

Again. I had initially chosen this picture because eeeeeeveryone is having a ball, but then I didn't want to have myself in the picture, so I was about to delete it when I noticed that person on floor has also snuck in a drink. So I'm calling him out lol.

Is this the Icelandic girl from Sens8?

Those curls are on point.

This picture's beautiful, and they all look great. It's got a bit of a vintage feel to it. The girl in the middle reminds me of Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA, and I love me some ABBA. If I could get in a time-machine, I'd warp me back to an ABBA concert. And you can judge me on that, and I wouldn't care at aaaaaall.

I didn't choose this picture because of Laura (front left) and her friend. I chose it because of Jaw-Line-and-Dimples and Come-Hither-Bedroom-Eyes in the background. As we can see, these guys love a photo. And I welcome that.

Okay, so I know for a fact that these are second years at the Bartlett, and they were absolutely on fire on the dance floor, especially the girl with curls! Energy galore, so glad they came.

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Photography by Indie McFarlane. To see all of the pictures from the party, visit our Flickr. Feel free to download and share them; please don't forget to credit them to LOBBY!

Thank you all for coming! Making you happy makes us happy.