Eventful Summer

THIS JUNE WE organised and hosted two events at the Architecture Film Festival London. Our ‘Trailer’ party provided guests with a script upon entering Oxo Tower, inviting them to follow a trail of clues, while exploring the building and the scenes described in the script. An immersive film experience doubling as a scavenger hunt, guests will made their way through a series of spaces and screenings culminating at the top floor's event space. Here, the industrial warehouse space—with its exposed brick, concrete and steel bones—turned into a colourful dance party, true to LOBBY fashion. 

Guests arrived at Bargehouse late afternoon to make their way inside to see the films.

A list of clues was provided to guide the guests throughout the building's four floors:

"It’s a gloomy, chilly summer day. Add that onto the whirlwind election ordeal, and a drink is needed, really. As you follow the music, you find your way up to a bulky bar made out of wooden planks. It’s here you wanna be."

"Not too far from the Peroni, find a space that takes you into another dimension."

"If you’re feeling a little tired, there’s a room for you to unwind and relax in. Feel free to take your beer and rest on some puffy red cushions."

"If you’ve never been to South America, you’ll like the second floor. There you’ll see a really long South American country located inside a very, very small room."

"Staying on that same floor, find the wooden staircase that ironically lead nowhere."

"Time to go. Venture into the darkest room in the building and get glimpses of Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo, London, New York and Leicester, as shown by students at the Bartlett."

"Wandering into Room 3, in the spirit of the election, take a selfie in front of projection of Babylon proportions."

"Find Room 2 and take a look at a film that celebrates Koolhaas’s latest obsession."

"With the music on blast, strike your best pose and bask in the bright light as your portrait is taken."

"In front of a window looking towards the London Eye you’ll have to watch your step, be careful not to step on us."

Part of the Festival's four main film screenings, we screened Concrete Love at the Insitute of Contemporary Arts. On a bright, beautiful day guests arrived to grab a drink, watch the film and meet the director. The film follows the life of Gottfried Böhm, widely regarded as Germany’s preeminent architect and its first Pritzker Laureate.

LOBBY Editors James Taylor-Foster and Gregorio Astengo, with Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Regner Ramos.

Director Maurizius Staerkle-Drux joined us from Zurich.

"Creating such an intimate view meant building a relationship with him and, as with any relationship, you fight for it. You have to try and understand where the boundaries are, how far you can go. I desperately didn’t want to push it to the point at which he might no longer be willing to be so open with me."

A Q&A session between LOBBY Editor James Taylor-Foster and Marizius took place at the end of the film, giving insight to what it was like getting close to the Böhm family.

–Photography by Marieke Macklon for LOBBY. To see all pictures, click here.