Farewell Goodie Bag

Dear Readers,

You'll have noticed that, following the launch of our sixth issue, we've been silent from the LOBBY-end. Our '1961' issue is our most proudest achievement, and reflecting on it, after many conversations, the Editors at LOBBY feel like the project has come to a natural close. 

There are different reasons for this. Firstly, when we started LOBBY, the magazine became an output for our concerns, views and attitudes in the architecture discipline, as doctoral students at the Bartlett School of Architecture. As such, the magazine became part of the voice of its Editors, which then brought along a phenomenal amount of creative collaborations between strangers and friends from within and outside architecture. We feel strongly that new voices should now arise from within the Bartlett. We spent quite some time looking back on everything we set out to do with LOBBY, and while we're proud of all the LOBBY brand has become, we've realised that in order for it to remain relevant, exciting and fresh, we need to rethink whether print is the smartest medium for it. In other words, we feel that LOBBY should transform into something else. Or into various things. However, the amount of time, effort and energy that would take means that, at the moment, we Editors are unable to commit to conceptualising, overseeing and launching a new iteration of LOBBY. 

LOBBY's team has always changed throughout the issues, and although we've had external editors and alumni, the majority of the Editors have always been based in London, at The Bartlett School of Architecture. Now, for the first time since we began this project, us last three Editors find ourselves all away from London. Marcela Aragüez and Gregorio Astengo have moved to Switzerland and Italy respectively, as they prepare to submit their doctoral dissertations. And since autumn 2016 I've been working at the University of Puerto Rico, once I finished my doctoral studies at the Bartlett. Here, I am preparing to launch a beautiful new architectural journal, inForma, while working on my newest research project on queerness, technology and urban space: El Site. Similarly, our Art Director, Moa Pårup, too has begun working on new projects and finds herself unable to continue to work with LOBBY, as she has since its very beginnings.

In 2016 and 2017, with Marcela, Gregorio and Moa in London, we were all able to quite ambitiously launch 'Faith', build 'Sandcastles' at the beach, organise our 'Amphibious Habitats' event, host our 'Housewarming' Party, as well as our 'Trailer' Party, 'Concrete Love' screening, and finally launch '1961' with a fantastic Halloween party. Naturally, that came with a lot of effort, and was possible largely thanks to the group of Editorial Assistants who've always proved to be such valuable assets to the LOBBY team. As the three of us become geographically displaced, new difficulties in maintaining LOBBY's momentum arise, and we want to leave LOBBY in the best shape it's ever been.

I can only speak for myself when I say that LOBBY has been the project I've most enjoyed in my life. But I speak for all of the LOBBY team when I express gratitude for the support you, dear reader, have offered us throughout this colourful journey. 

On behalf of Marcela, Gregorio, Christo Hall, Laura Narvaez, Mrinal Rammohan, James Taylor-Foster, Stylianos Giamarelos, Sophie Read, Nahed Jawad and myself...

To our contributors:

Thank you for allowing us to showcase your best words, designs, photography and art. 

To our editorial assistants:

Thank you for your energy, time, commitment and for believing in this project.

To the Bartlett:

Thank you for trusting us to take LOBBY to where we wanted to take it.

And to our readers:

Thank you for reading LOBBY, for following us on social media, for liking us, for dancing at our parties, for toasting with us, for sending us pictures whenever you spotted an issue at a bookstore, and for ordering our issues online no matter how pricey the shipping to your country was.

Perhaps in the next few years the LOBBY project will resurface anew, but for now, as a thank you, we leave you every issue of LOBBY available to download here. Consider it our farewell goodie bag.

Enjoy the issues.

With thanks,

Regner Ramos

Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief