You're Invited

If you know us, you know we love a good reason to party. And this time we've got two of them.

We've moved into a brand-spanking new Bartlett house that's managed to keep some of its old bones as well as its great location. If you haven't seen it yet, you should come over, and if you've already seen it, you should come over again. Because we're throwing a massive Housewarming party to the wicked beats of The Loose Cannons on the dj deck.

This year we're switching things up in LOBBY, and we've partnered up with the Architecture Film Festival London, hosting the festival's launch party this same night! We'll be projecting short films on the walls, while you dance the night away, swarm the bar, take pictures and network with some of the brightest, most creative minds in the London architecture scene.

You bring the energy, we'll provide the popcorn. Really.

*Cocktails, wine and beer galore

*Freshly popped popcorn
*Magazines on sale
*Limited edition LOBBY 'Housewarming' totebags
*Cash only, lovelies

All welcome to come. Bring a friend or just show them what they're missing:

Special thank you to the Bartlett School of Architecture and ArchFilmFest London

* Questions should be directed to info[@]