We live in a world of restricted resources. However, the 21st Century has shifted our realities, pushed boundaries and opened our eyes to new possibilities, leaving us wondering: are we capable of constantly reinventing our world and recreating tomorrow’s abundance out of today’s shortages? LOBBY No.4 seeks to generate discussions looking at the world through the lens of ‘Abundance’. The historical accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few (both, countries and people) means that some are still more equal than others. At the same time, conservative opinion stresses on austerity for the masses, while turning a blind eye to the opulence of the rich and famous. What changes and transformations are triggered by an abundance of possessions, resources or ideals? 'Abundance' aims to find fresh and intelligent answers to these questions and socio-spatial conditions. Exclusive features in the issue include interviews with Denise Scott Brown, Moshe Safdie, Jonathan Hill and Don Rosa.

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“Un-fucking the Unloved: A Misunderstanding of Homelessness”

- Petr Esposito

“Being Denise Scott Brown” (Interview with Denise Scott Brown)

- Colleen Tuite

“Optimistic Austerity: A Need for Dialogue”

- Jeremy Biden

“Inside the Harem: Beyond Hearsay and Fantasy”

- Holly Connolly and Paul Humphries


- Regner Ramos and Saša Štucin

“Justified Excess: Reading Culture Through the Turkish Minibus”

- Ceren Hamiloglu

“Toy Socialism: Michael Jackson's Neverland”

- Daniel James Wilkinson

“Drake's Folly”

- Dan Mariner

“Ode to Trash: Or ‘Where Does my Rubbish Go?’”

- Shahd Omar

“For Everyone a Garden” (Interview with Moshe Safdie)

- Huda Tayob

“Privacy and Publicity in the Age of Social Media”

- Beatriz Colomina

“We Are the Same”

- Jack Self

“Hey, Critic - We Got This”

- Becky Quintal

“Prisons Are Heterotopias Too”

- Nick Axel

“From Diagram to Instagram”

- Jesse Seegers

“Media Aftereffects”

- James Graham

“Chimeric Architecture”

- Anton Stuckardt

“The Editor and the Algorithm”

- Ethel Baraona Pohl

“Crime and Redemption: Formal Experimentation in Vienna in Historical and Contemporary Terms”

- Bika Sibila Rebek

“Life and Death: The Necro-Medina of Tetouan”

- Manuel Saga

“Rocks: The Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo”

- Thalia Allington-Wood

“Baksheesh! Baksheesh!: Sana'a, Yemen”

- Florence Twu

“Too-Big World: Crossing Paths in the Digital Realm”

- Christos-Georgios Kritikos

“Baroque Spaceships: Light, Shape and Imagination”

- Gregorio Astengo

“Conflicts of Interest: Rethinking the Future of Housing in the UK”

- Fani Kostourou

“A Hunt in the Forest: Inhabiting the Edge of the Landscape”

- Matthew Turner

“The History Architect” (Interview with Jonathan Hill)

- Hina Lad

“Searching Without Sorting: The New History and Science of Big Data”

- Mario Carpo

“Architecture for Duckburg Tightwads” (Interview with Don Rosa)

- Stylianos Giamarelos

“On the Possibility of a Selfie Stick Dome Shelter: An Announcement From the I.C.A.I.P.”

- Nikos Magouliotis

“Urban Dance: Or How He Became the King of the Castle”

- Mrinal S. Rammohan

Featured Photographers:

Cameron Blaylock

Dan Mariner

Saša Štucin

Tony Luong

Märta Thisner

Lina Scheynius

Agata Madejska

Erik Hartin

Andreas Öhlund & Maria Therese

Featured Illustrators:

Johanna Noack

Willem Purdy

Yeni Kim

Siri Pårup

Cynthia Merhej

Joe Rudi

Percie Edgeler

Phil Goss

Johanna Berg

–Photography by Moa Pårup and Regner Ramos