People, no matter how different, have always felt protected under the aegis of a common belief and have united to accomplish the unthinkable. But faith can too easily become a fossilised creed, begging the question, at what point do inspiring and everlasting morals turn into inescapable dogmas carved into old stones? In 21st Century architectural discourse, where does our faith lie? The fifth issue of LOBBY aims at a critical reflection on the theme of 'Faith' as a fervent drive, a dangerous doctrine, a beautifully fragile yet enduring construct, an unapologetic excuse, a desperate call for attention and a timely consideration on architectural responsibility. Exclusive features in the issue include interviews with Caroline Bos (UNStudio), Jason Surrell and Maurizius Staerkle-Drux.

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“Past Style”

- Hugh Pearman

“Moving Architecture” (Interview with Caroline Bos)

- Gregorio Astengo

“Not by Public Space Alone”

- Kateryna Malaia

“Small as a Mustard Seed”

- Gustav Almestål and Regner Ramos

“Empty but Full”

- Federico Ortiz


- Joanne Preston


- Michael Novotný

“No Church in the Wild”

- Cristina Nan


- Maryam Moayery Nia and Hamed Zarrinkamri

“New Modesty”

- Fani Kostourou

“Upon This Rock”

- Laurian Ghinitoiu and James Taylor-Foster


- Sam Gillis

“Market Hall”

- Nicholas de Klerk

“Palace of Weddings”

- Brendan Bashin-Sullivan

“Anatomical Theatre”

- James Hamilton and Malin Heyman

“The Architecture of a Family" (Interview with Maurizius Staerkle-Drux)

- James Taylor-Foster

“Queens of the Desert No More”

- Lilliana Ramos-Collado

“In the Name of MA”

- Marcela Aragüez

“The Human Archive”

- Sevcan Ercan

“How Emoji Means”

- Vyvyan Evans

“Identity through Acceptance”

- Vishanka Gandhi

“Monuments in Mountains”

- Danielle S. Willkens

“Mementos of the Matho Monastery”

- Beatriz Cifuentes

“The Saint and the Architect”

- Andrea Alberto Dutto

“Haunted by Design” (Interview with Jason Surrell)

- Gregorio Astengo

“Building a Humane Environment”

- Laura Trovato

“Martyrdom of an Icon”

- Raymond Majewski

“Escape from Auschwitz”

- Víctor Manuel Cano Ciborro


-Mrinal S. Rammohan

Featured Photographers

Gustav Almestål

Laurian Ghinitoiu

John Gribben

Erik Hartin

Michael Novotný

Märta Thisner

Isolde Woudstra

Featured Illustrators

Daniel Clarke

Percie Edgeler

Phil Goss

Thomas Hedger

Marie Jacotey

Josh McKenna

George Morton