AT THE BEGINNING of his presidency, JFK foresaw a future of great possibilities and unprecedented challenges: the 60s were to be a decade ‘of hope and fear’, as well as ‘of knowledge and ignorance’. The exceptional dichotomies foreseen by JFK seem to be more than just rhetoric: not only knowledge and ignorance, but also construction and destruction; the self and the other; unity and division. Interestingly, the reversed symmetry of the 19 and 61 appear to be reflecting these same antinomies in aesthetic form. Can looking back on 1961 give us a better understanding of the seemingly unique ambiguities of today? In LOBBY No. 6 ‘1961’ we explore the forgotten, understated and latent peculiarities of that year, as well as the historic turning points that moulded our understanding of the environment, of urbanism, space and humanity—and the inextricable link between them all. Exclusive features in the issue include interviews with Itsuko Hasegawa and William Firebrace, and essays by Francisco Javier Rodríguez and Lilliana Ramos.

LOBBY No.6 launches on Saturday at our party and is available for pre-order on Amazon, as well as in selected bookshops (see our Stockists section). With 36 extra pages, this is our chunkiest issue yet!

Cover illustration by Martin Nicolausson. Preorder the issue at a discounted price during this week by clicking here.