Pesky Resolutions

The strike of twelve on the first of January marks the start of the new year, blah blah blah. And with that change in digits come a list of things we hope we'll be able to get better at or we might change in our day-to-day lives, blah blah blah, again. More often than not, our new year resolutions end up being forgotten by the time January's over, leaving us with is with a to-do list of unchecked items that we crumble up, toss in the bin and pretend never existed (and pray our friends forget about so that we don't end up being the laughingstock of everyone who we included in our big plans).

For the cynics, new year resolutions are funnier than they are anything else, and for the optimists, they're the beginning of change. No one does both these things better than brilliant, London-based illustrator Thomas Hedger, so when we asked him if he could create a series of mobile phone backgrounds that would, both, poke fun of 12 of the most clichéd resolutions, as well as serve as visual reminders of what our hopeful goals for 2017 are, we were excited when he said yes. Check them out below and guess which is which; download your favourite ones and be sure to share with your cynical as well as optimistic friends. We hope they'll encourage you to achieve those pesky resolutions, or that they'll at least make you smile. We're happy with either.

Resolution 1

Resolution 2

Resolution 3

Resolution 4

Resolution 5

Resolution 6

Resolution 7

Resolution 8

Resolution 9

Resolution 10

Resolution 11

Resolution 12

Resolution 1: Work out more.

Resolution 2: Be more organised.

Resolution 3: Lose weight.

Resolution 4: Earn more and save money.

Resolution 5: Be more flexible.

Resolution 6: Find love.

Resolution 7: Eat healthier.

Resolution 8: Travel more.

Resolution 9: Quit smoking.

Resolution 10: Be less stressed.

Resolution 11: Take up a hobby.

Resolution 12: Be happy with oneself.

Stay tuned next month for our interview with Thomas.

All images courtesy of Thomas Hedger. You can visit his website by clicking here.

–Follow him on Instagram:@hedgerart.