‘Sandcastles’ Competition

We at LOBBY are thrilled to announce that we've crossed the Atlantic to host our very first event in Caribbean, tropical paradise: Puerto Rico! And we're inviting everybody here. We've partnered with the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, one of Puerto Rico's most prestigious luxury resorts, as well as local tourism company Eco Adventures to bring together architectural designers from all over the island to compete in a unique, amusing and beachy event: the ‘Sandcastles’ competition.

You're Invited:

Sunday, September 4

2 PM – 6 PM

LOBBY wants to invite you to ‘Sandcastles’, at Tacos & Tequila by Patrón at the Condado Vanderbilt, the hotel's beachfront restaurant. Come mingle, network and dance with some of the most creative designers in the island, as our live DJ plays an array of music perfect for the light, airy and trendy atmosphere of the venue. Our photographer will be busy-busy taking pictures of your smiling faces to make sure you feel like what you are to us: a VIP. This event is for you.

Oversee the competition from the beachfront deck, quenching your thirst with any of the bespoke cocktails the Vanderbilt's head bartender has tailor-made for this never-before-seen event: each specialy-priced cocktail named after a designer who has left a significant historical legacy in Puerto Rican architecture.

Whether you're an architect, a student, a designer, an archilover, a music junkie, a social butterfly or just simply curious to see what these gorgeous sand sculptures will look like, we'd love to see you here! All welcome to join. And for those who can't fly to join us, we'll be posting stories on Instagram (@bartlettlobby)!

RSVP here.

Ticketing for Guests:

Early bird (first 30 tickets) $8

Regular $10

Door $12

*Tickets include one complimentary drink.

*Limited tickets.

Purchase via ATH Movil, sending us your name, last name and the #sandcastlesPR hashtag to: 7876440394. You may collect your ticket at the door on the day of the event, or at the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture with one of our team members.

To Register for the Competition:

-Free to enter.

-Send an email to telling us the name, age, phone number and name of university/firm of affiliation of all the members of your team, along with a sketch (11”x17”) of your sandcastle design. Be ambitious, but also realistic!

-The sketch does not need to be excessively detailed, but it must be well presented. Your sketch will be displayed on the day of the event with the name of the team members.

-Please note that we are inviting abstract, geometric and/or sculptural designs, not literal sandcastles.

-Registry deadline: August 21.

Selection Process:

1. August 23: LOBBY will post the most promising sketches/entries on our Facebook page.

2. The designs will be selected by the general audience. The 9 entries with the most likes will enter the competition.

3. Voting period: August 23 (9 AM) – August 26 (12 AM).

4. August 27: winners will be announced and invited to build their sandcastle during the party.


First Place:

A sunset private charter for four. Meeting at the San Juan Bay Marina, set sail on this two-hour voyage with complimentary beer, rum and prosecco, courtesy of Sail PR.

Complimentary dinner for the winning team at Tacos and Tequila by Patrón. The tacos are the star of the restaurant and its menu, designed by Executive Chef Juan Jose Cuevas, includes seven varieties of these Mexican delights.

Second Place:

Private 'Discovery' lessons, from Progressive Ocean Sports, where three winners will experience hands-on the thrill of kiteboarding. This lesson covers all the basics for kiteboarding, from setting up the kite to braving into the water.

Third Place:

A private, downwind paddle boarding tour. Progressive Ocean Sports will take the winners to see Old San Juan and enjoy a view of El Morro like they've never seen before, starting off in the Condado lagoon and paddling down to Paseo La Princesa at sunset.

Competition Rules:

1. Each sandcastle must be designed and built by no more than three people.

2. The maximum area each sandcastle should occupy is 4’x4’, and the minimum is 3’x2’.

3. Teams may not combine their sites and castles.

4. Teams must arrive one hour prior to the start of the event, to prepare for the competition.

5. Teams are allowed to bring any molds, framework or containers that they may need to achieve their geometries, but these should not exceed dimensions of 1’x1’x2’.

6. Shovels, watering cans and buckets will not be provided. Teams must bring their own.

7. Sandcastles can be made of sand and water only. No other additives are allowed.

8. Contestants may reinforce the interior structure of their designs by using wooden sticks. No synthetic materials are allowed to be left on the beach.

9. Contestants will have four hours to work on and finish their castles.

10. Each team must start and finish their designs with the same members. They are not allowed to swap members at any point.



Special Thanks to Our Fantastic Sponsors:

Tacos & Tequila by Patrón at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

Eco Adventures

Progressive Ocean Sports

Sail PR

We'll see you at ‘Sandcastles’!

–Photographs courtesy of the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel