Summer of LOBBY

If I could wolf-whistle, believe me I would; with the arrival of summer, the air's warmer, the days are longer, the skirt-lengths are higher and the tank tops abound. And whether your idea of a perfect summer involves keeping cool at the beach while soaking up the sun, drinks with friends at the nearest park or an adventurous holiday to an exotic location, it's pretty safe to say that we're all glad that July... is finally upon us.

So as a summer treat—and to say thanks for following us during the production of these latest two issues—I thought LOBBY would do something funky and sweet for you. So we teamed up with illustrator Samra Avdagic and commissioned her to do a series of wallpapers for your other half: your mobile phone.

After all, if you'll be spending time on your phone—surely, posting Instagram pictures and texting your mates to coordinate your next rendezvous (or maybe that's just me?)—you might as well have something beautiful to look at. So download, share them and enjoy your summer! Stay cool, kids.


"Pass the Pimms"

"Jungle Fever"

All illustrations courtesy of Samra Avdagic.

You can visit her website by clicking: here.

Follow us on Instagram: @samraav for her, @regnerrific for me.