The Winners

After months of excited anticipation, on Friday 31 March 217, ‘Amphibious Habitats’ came to life. Hosted at La Térmica in the sunny coastal city of Malaga, Spain, the event saw an international group of artists, architects, students, critics and curious guests gather under one roof. Competition participants assembled from as far as Japan, India, Greece, the UK, Germany and the United States, to name a few, making ‘Amphibious Habitats’ a cross-cultural and uniquely global day of architectural celebration.

(First, Second and Third Place trophies designed by LEBLUME.)

('Trans Human Topologies', First Place Winner. Project by Aris Kafantaris and Ana Paisano; Mumbai, India.)

('Afraid Amphibians Club', Second Place Winner. Project by Chara Stergiou; Thessaly, Greece.)

('Blob Marley', Third Place Winner. Project by Aleksandra Belitskaja, Shaun McCallum and Benjamin James; Vienna, Austria.)

The conference in the morning was a fantastic opportunity to share and discuss our profession and its ‘amphibian’ qualities. It’s available in its entirety here and here. The panel of architects, educators and critics proposed a highly transversal discussion: from some inspiring eco-technological narratives, spherical architectures and coastal habitations, to the rethinking of our practice with the use and reuse of industrial spaces; from 20th century mobile architectures to the paradigm-shifting challenges of the future. With collaborations from Izaskun Chinchilla, William Firebrace, Lilliana Ramos-Collado, Juan Domingo Santos and Fernando Pérez del Pulgar, their abstracts can be found here.

('Ataxifolia', Honourable Mention. Project by Vassilis Chlorokostas, Eftihis Efthimiou, Artemis Papachristou; Athens, Greece.)

('Bridge Over Troubled Water', Honourable Mention. Project by Teresa Relancio Piracés and Gabriel Escamilla Hidalgo; Malaga, Spain.)

('Flotmann 1.0', Honourable Mention. Project by Ornruja Fame Boonyasit; Tokyo, Japan.)

The afternoon saw an array of presentations from our 18 shortlisted contestants, plus 13 students from University of Malaga, creating a space for a mix of attitudes as well as local and international interpretations of the theme. The result? A highly diverse, multicultural and multilingual network of designers, who all met for the first time at La Térmica, interested in revisiting the role of water in architectural design.

('Amphibian Spine'. Project by Andrea Capilla Mónaco and Joan Martí Elias; Barcelona, Spain.)

('Amphibious Creature'. Project by Elie Abou Jaoude and Cris Skenderi; Barcelona, Spain.)

('Amphibious Dwelling on Lake Karla'. Project by Andrea Nikolopoulos; Thessaly, Greece.)

('An Island is Land'. Project by Constantine P. Lemos; London, UK.)

('Porous Palace'. Project by Iman Datoo; London, UK.)

With ‘Amphibious Habitats’, LOBBY embraced its dynamic nature and vast network of friends—a product of having an internationally diverse group of editors hailing from all over the world—in order to disseminate alternative discussions that promoted new and original ways to rethink architecture as a whole. From its very beginning in early January 2017, the competition developed in the fertile—yet highly underdeveloped—realm between academia and the architectural profession, allowing for untainted creativity and pure boldness. ‘Amphibious Habitats’ may have been about water and land, but at its core it proved to be about freedom and technique, about celebration and criticality; in short, the core values we lobby for.

('Future Ruins City'. Project by Ashley Kuo and Andrea Chiney; New York, USA.)

('Isla de Málaga'. Project by Uros Pajovic; Berlin, Germany.)

('On the Crossroads of Water, Earth and Air'. Project by Anna Andranova; London, UK.)

('Once We Melt We Will Freeze'. Project by Matthew Rajfur and Dale Wiebe; Winnipeg, Canada.)

('Archipelago of Wonders'. Project by Michael McDowell; Tokio, Japan.)

('Hiking Trail for all Poets Practicing without Licences'. Project by Yurong Wu; Ann Arbor, USA.)

('Stare at the Show'. Project by Laura Valle Vivas and Gisela Rovira Herrero; Barcelona, Spain.)

We wish to thank everyone who took party in this great adventure and for becoming of amphibious habitats: competitors, guests, critics, speakers, students, sponsors, teammates and of course followers. We’ll see you soon—promise.

–Images courtesy of La Térmica, Gozde Uyar, Uros Pajovic and contestants.