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LOBBY is a biannual architecture magazine located between a seminar session and a speakeasy. A space that celebrates unique international encounters between strangers and friends, LOBBY both starts conversations and gives something to talk about.

LOBBY’s not looking to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It’s not definitive—it’s smart, experimental, engaging, creative, playful. Flipping through its pages, readers ‘walk’ through a school of architecture, engaging with a variety of content informed by the nature of each of its rooms:

Reception, the Exhibition Space, the Seminar Room, the Lift, the Staircase, the Library, Crit Room and the Toilets. All of this probably makes sense when you consider that LOBBY is produced by students and alumni at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

We believe that weekday lecture discussions and evening chit-chats at your favourite pub aren’t necessarily that different.

Instead of aspiring for solutions for whatever the trending topic of the season is, LOBBY brings up alternative and tangential conversations in architectural discourse and invites its global audience to react.

The magazine raises questions but we like to leave some of them unanswered. We interview architecture’s big-shots, commission hip illustrators, befriend cool photographs and intentionally place articles by really, really experienced intellectuals next to a really, really young writer’s.

LOBBY encourages intelligent, creative collaborations and infuses architectural history and theory with a dash of repartee.

The product is a wicked collection of in-depth essays alongside shorter musings, Q&A; interviews and book reviews, pizzazz and academic rigour, captivating visuals and creative criticism, all packed beautifully within the solid graphic identity of a conveniently-sized publication whose colourful, illustrated cover is emblazoned by a shimmering masthead.